This tool allows you to export test cases from TFS to Microsoft Excel.
Team Foundation server now provides a comprehensive test management tool - Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). We can write test cases and store them in test suites within MTM.

Presently, there is no way to export the test cases in a specific test suite from TFS/MTM to an excel sheet.
If we try to export them from visual studio team explorer they are not exported in proper format. Also the test suites that we create in MTM can't be seen in visual studio team explorer.

This tool can be very handy if you want to export test cases from TFS or MTM to excel.


  • .Net framework 4.0


  • Download the zip file and unzip it or open with windows explorer
  • Click on the "Setup.exe" file
  • If you get any security warning, allow the program to install

How to use the Tool


Export Options:

Export the selected suite only
If you check this option then only the test cases within the selected test suite will be exported. If the selected test suite has sub suites then the test cases within those sub suites will not be exported. If you want the selected suite as well the sub suites also to be exported uncheck the checkbox.

Export each suite into different sheet
If there are sub suites in the selected test suite and you want to export the selected suite and sub suites as well, you can use this option to specify if all test cases should be exported to the same sheet or not.
If checked each suite will be exported into different sheet. In that case, if five test suites are exported, the resultant excel worksheet will contain five sheets.

Export Test Results
Select this option if you want to export the test execution result for the test cases.
The following fields will be exported when you check this checkbox:
  • Test execution result for each test step(Pass/Fail)
  • Bugs associated with test cases
  • Execution comments for each test case

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